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Photo Affairs provides professional full-service photo research solutions for a wide spectrum of projects in need of visual materials to illustrate ideas.

Click on the links below to learn more about our services. If you would like more information about our services or would like to discuss your next project please Contact Us.

1. Photo Research & Photo Editing
2. Photo Permissions
3. Project Management
4. Commissioning Photography
5. Project Archiving
6. Rapid Photo Research

Photo Research & Photo Editing:

The details of your individual photo needs are entered into our project database along with any specifics that may be used as guidelines for the direction of our research such as, photo orientation, intended use, rights requested, photo content sensitivities that are suited to a particular age or audience, cost considerations, production schedule, etc.

We draw on our experience and extensive image supplier database to connect with relevant sources (on-line or off-line) that are able to supply us with appropriate images which may be royalty-free, rights managed or public domain photography illustrating people, places, artifacts, maps, cartoons, sculptures, paintings, foods, manuscripts, etc.

The photo editing part of the process requires thoughtful review of the photographs gathered. We thoroughly analyze each photo for content in relation to the strategic message and consider quality, budgetary guidelines, photo supplier delivery time, among others. Only the images that meet all these requirements are submitted for your consideration.

The best photo options and their accompanying descriptive information are then uploaded to our sophisticated password protected, web based image viewing gallery where you and/or your team of editors, designers and/or writers can comfortably and reliably review the photo options available, select the photos you would like to use, make comments or request more research. Our project database records all essential activity and keeps all relevant supplier and image information for tracking purposes.
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